Thursday, March 24, 2016

Constraint sign a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion

Italian symphonic metal band Constraint inked a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion to promote its debut album ''Enlightened By Darkness'', released on February 12th, 2016.

Track list:
1. Behind The Scenes
2. Talking Dumbs
3. The Ending Of Time

4. Illusion Of A Dream
5. The Birth
6. Breathing Infinity

7. Enlightened By Darkness

8. Autumn Hymn

9. Oniria

Beatrice Bini - Vocals
Alessio Molinari - Guitars
Simone Ferraresi - Keyboards
Federico Paglia - Bass
Alessandro Lodesani - Drums

A video for ''Enlightened By Darkness'' is online on YouTube at the following address:


"Constraint" is an Italian symphonic metal band born in 2011. They started playing Nightwish, Epica and Evanescence covers (at the age of 15-16), then they began writing their own music and developing their own style. Their first demo, called "Illusion of a Dream", was published in 2012. 

 After some line-up changes, the band worked on its first album, ''Enlightened By Darkness'', released on February 12th , 2016. In March, the band signed a deal with promo agency Atomic Stuff. They also released an official video for the single ''Enlightened By Darkness". Constraint have been playing mainly in clubs and pubs in Northern Italy, but they are planning to go further.

''Enlightened By Darkness'':

A great team effort. That's how it could be summarized in a few words ''Enlightened By Darkness'', the debut album by young Modena-based band Constraint. Authors of a fine Symphonic Metal, with lyrics about philosophical and psychological themes highlighted by the opera-style vocals of singer Beatrice Bini, with their first studio work Constraint show great care and attention to details, excellent arrangements and fantastic melodies, sharpened by guitars and keyboards that create a heavy but at the same time in-your-face sound.


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