Saturday, February 6, 2016

REVIEW : RAGE OF ANGELS / The Devil's New Tricks (2016)

Back in 2013, the project of Rage Of Angels released its debut album with the title "Dreamworld" and made every fan of the melodic hard rock/AOR scene extremely happy. It was a brilliant slice of pure melodic rock bliss that included a bunch of some killer tracks in it performed by some excellent and well-known musicians such as Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), Matti Alfonzetti and Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) to name a few.

Rage Of Angels, for those who don't know the band's 'who is who', is the brainchild of TEN's keyboard player Ged Rylands. Ged has worked with many artists and he has been involved in many projects. He was, also, a touring member of Tyketto and nowadays he is a permanent member of Danny Vaughn's band.

For the new album, Rage Of Angels has the valuable help of the extraordinary vocalist Rob Moratti that's doin' an excellent job regarding the vocals. From the great opener anthem of "R.O.A." the band grabs you at once and it puts you immediately into the album's mood. This is a blistering melodic rock tune with attitude that includes a memorable chorus line and some impressive guitar lines. Next, in "All Your Own Way" the band delivers a true melodic rock gem with a such a beautiful melody and Moratti's emotional vocals. In "The Devil's New Tricks", we are dealing with the absolute highlight; a fantastic melodic hard rock song that features a big groove, superb guitar lines and Moratti's smooth performances. Classic AOR stuff in "Strangers In The Night" while in "I Feel It In My Heart" we have another brilliant high quality keyboard-driven song.

You should try the Japan edition of this album 'cause it features a bonus track, "What Matters Most Of All", which is simply killer commercial melodic rock!!

Classy melodic rock/AOR stuff that includes some killer tunes in it, superb performances, great arrangements and bottom line is that "The Devil's New Tricks" is a big must have for every fan of the melodic scene in general.

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1. R.O.A.
2. All You Own Way
3. The Devil's New Tricks
4. One Step Closer
5. Strangers In The Night
6. Love Will Never Die
7. In And Out Of Love
8. I Feel It In My Heart 
9. Stop Changing The TV
10. Long Days Without You

11. What Matters Most Of All (Japan Bonus Track) 


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