Saturday, February 13, 2016

REVIEW : C.O.P. UK / No Place For Heaven (2016)

To tell the truth here, the band of C.O.P. UK was completely unknown to me till the day that I crushed onto the lyric video of "No Place For Heaven" in you-tube!! A superb slice of pure Euro-melodic hard rock heaven with a Def Leppard vibe in it that grabbed me at once and left me hungry for more music from this band.

C.O.P. UK is not a newbie in the melodic hard rock/metal scene. They have already released two albums and with this new third one the sure thing is that they are aiming for bigger things!!! The new opus has been produced and mixed by the well-known Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Epica and others).

The album kicks-off  with the heavier rocker tune of "The Core". This is an excellent heavy and extremely catchy modern hard rock gem and a great appetizer of what's coming-up next. The 'punchier' "My Blood" takes over next and C.O.P. UK achieve to deliver another killer cut out of the new album. The AOR pinches make their appearance in the beautiful "Kiss Of An Angel" while in "No Place For Heaven" we have a clear winner!! "Halo" is probably the heaviest track here; sharp and edgy with a traditional Brit-metal sound, this tune will blow your mind! The feel-good and guitar-driven "Catch Me If You Can", the amazing and emotional slower tune of "No Man's Land" and the fantastic modern melodic metal beast of "One In A Million" are simply breathtaking cuts that will make you push the repeat button again and again!!!

For me, this album is simply one of the biggest surprises so far! I think that Heaven will find a place for this brilliant melodic hard rock/metal monster!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
01 - The Core
02 - My Blood
03 - Kiss Of An Angel
04 - Take It To The Grave
05 - No Place For Heaven
06 - Burn Hell
07 - Halo
08 - Catch Me If You Can
09 - No Man's Land
10 - One In A Million
11 - Stranger Than Fiction

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