Sunday, September 6, 2015

Red Morris to release debut "Lady Rose"

"Lady Rose", the debut album by Brescia-based guitarist Red Morris, is scheduled for release on September 28th, 2015. The first extract from the album, "Black's Eyes", is available online here: “The album Lady Rose is deeply rooted in a progressive 80's rock mood”, Maurizio Parisi (a.k.a. Red Morris) says. “All its tracks, entirely instrumental, highlight the virtuosity of each musician who collaborated on the arrangements of the songs. The project was born from my instrumental ideas at a young age, when however the means and financial resources did not allow the realization of a disc. My perseverance to produce a high quality album has resisted until 2014, when I decided to record some ideas; that stuff caught Claudio Amadori's attention, a friend of mine and a great drummer who believed in the project since the beginning. Claudio started looking for other musicians to complete the line-up and found bassist Renato Mombelli, who involved his keyboardist friend Beppe Premi in the project. The entire album is dedicated to Rosa, my wife”.


1. Golden Angel
2. Lady Rose
3. Mystery
4. Independence
5. Black's Eyes
6. Celtica
7. My Life Blues (Go Go)
8. My Sea's Echoes


Maurizio Parisi a.k.a. Red Morris is a Brescia-based rock guitarist, born in 1966. Ever since he was a child, he's fascinated by every noise that can sound like a rhythm: without perceiving it as music, a simple beat or melody awakens his emotions. This feeling about music keeps growing stronger and stronger, leading Maurizio to create absurd drum sets with pots, bottles, lids, cans and every object that can be hit to create a rhythm. As a teenager he studies classic guitar for 4 years, but later on he devotes his studies to electric guitar: Santana, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Cream are just a few bands he spends his days with, listening to them on the radio and imitating them with his beloved six string. Today, after playing with many cover bands and several artists, he composes original rock songs, contributing to the modern music scene.


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