Wednesday, September 23, 2015

INTERVIEW : Giancarlo Floridia (Faithsedge)

Giancarlo Floridia is the lead shouter and the mastermind behind the heavy rock band of Faithsedge. The band has already released two solid records and nowadays it's ready to unleash album number three! Giancarlo took the time to answer to Heavy Paradise's questions about the band's forthcoming effort.

Heavy Paradise : Hi there, Giancarlo, and welcome back to Heavy Paradise!

---Thanks !! Always great to talk to you !!!
Heavy Paradise : “The Answer Of Insanity”, your latest effort, was a damn fine piece of record if you ask me. Are you satisfied, as a band, with this album, regarding the reviews, the press and, of course, the response of the fans?

---Well yes and no . Yes because it was the real deal in terms of lyrics, my performance vocally, and taking my songwriting to the next level . No in terms of maybe being a tad too heavy for the general melodic rock base . Sometimes heavier isn't always the best idea of it affects the melody . It was weird we either got better reviews then the 1st album or much worse reviews it almost didn't make sense on what side to choose from the reviewers haha !!! But I'm proud of it for the honest approach of the album but I think the fans wanted a more melodic rock sound of Faithsedge of the 1st record so I've decided to go back to that to sound in the future for the fans but also keep my dark edge  of who I am at the same time . 

Heavy Paradise:  So, let’s talk about the near future now; you said to me that you are in a writing progress, if I’m correct, of your new baby. Do you have any dates of when it’s gonna be released and have you decided the title?

---Yes album will be done in the next month or two and yes it's my baby I wrote this album 100 % on my own with no co writers so it's the closet album to my heart so far . Alex De Rosso is actually doing his lead guitars this week then it's mixed and mastered then it's off to the business end of record company stuff . Alessandro and I have both agreed to far the title will be called Faithsedge - Restoration . It may change but we both really like it . Release date not set yet but hopefully early next year . 

Heavy Paradise : In “Answer Of Insanity” the band consisted of Alex De Rosso, Tony Morra, Eric Rango, Alessandro Del Vecchio and, of course, you on lead vocals. Is there any line-up change? 

---Yes as most of you know I'm am super exicted about Alessandro taking over full time keys and production for the record Ale only played on one song on the last record due to us talking towards the tail end of finishing the album but know he's on every single track and he really killed it .  And of course we have a new rhythm section with Tim Gaines of Stryper on bass and Matt Starr of Mr.Big/Ace Frehley on drums . It's not only an honor to be working with them being a fan of them both but they also really clicked and brought the arena rock sound I was looking for when I wrote the album . And even better they are both my good friends so that just makes it more amazing and doesn't make it some project thing . Alex De Rosso of course is still on lead guitar and well we all know what he's capable of doing time and time again !

Heavy Paradise : I guess that Alessandro will produce this one also. How helpful is to produce your album a so-talented artist? In my humble opinion, Alessandro is one of the ‘hottest’ names nowadays in the melodic hard ‘n’ heavy scene.

---Yes ! Well as you said he's one of the hottest names if not the biggest producer in our field right now so its a great experience and an interesting mix with my style and his . You have this mix of metal from me and then a great melodic edge from him so since we respect each others input it comes out great . He helped a ton and I'm glad we click as well as we do and also that he cares about me as a person . Like he's went out of his way for me as a friend too so it's great to just not have guys you work with but a group of guys that treat you like family and Ale and the rest of the group have done that .  

Heavy Paradise : The last record was a bit heavier than the debut. Will the up-coming release be movin’ to the same hard ‘n’ heavy ‘paths’ or do we have to expect a few surprises?

---Well right away when I wrote it I wanted a strait up pump your fist like arena rock album on this one . I dumped some of the prog elements because honestly I don't have prove how many notes I can play or how many times changes I can do some of the trash metal elements are less also  . What matters is if the songs have my soul in them and can people understand that at the same time of being to able to enjoy the music and get them pumped up  . So yes new changes are more of an arena rock style , more melody, big production, more hooks but keeping my trademark songwriting about real life situations and of course how I sing is a trademarked sound to that I'm proud of and I'm not changing that  . 
Heavy Paradise :  Are you planning to release a video teaser of your new work soon enough?

---Unsure depends on label stuff Ale and I will get to that next . But it's going to be tough to pick what songs to push because we nailed 10 great tunes .
Heavy Paradise : Can you give us some song-titles of the new album?

---Sure !! Never a day , Jennifer , You cannot give up , Faith and Chris , Her way back , Taking our lives , This is everything , Let you breathe , Regret at all , This war . Thise are ten tunes as long as we don't change the titles . 
Heavy Paradise : Do you have plans for some live gigs? 

---I'm always asked that I really hope Europe if it does well !! 
Heavy Paradise : Closing, is there something else that you wanna add, Giancarlo? 

---I want to thank Alessandro , Alex De Rosso , Tim Gaines and Mat Starr for really making this album sound great !! I also want to thank Fabrizio Grossi for helping me out to with the other two albums I wouldn't be here today with out him !!! And thank you too for the interview !!! Greece rocks !!!! 

Thanx a lot for this interview and all the best on your future plans!!

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