Saturday, August 1, 2015

REVIEW : Stala & So. / Stala & So. (2015)

Stala & So. is another Scandi Melodic Rock act that is strongly influenced by the 70's, 80's glam rock scene and bands such as Sweet, Enuff Z Nuff, and T-Rex with a more edgy and updated sound. In the beginning of 2011, the band became familiar to the Finnish tv-viewing people by  taking part in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2013, Stala and so. Signed with Escape Music and released the CD ”Play Another Round” which is exciting, catchy, vibrant music that fits in well with the modern rock scene today.

So, nowadays the band is back with its brand new record which is entitled "Stala & So.". The new opus is, in my humble opinion, a step forward for this band. It's tighter, more melodic, more mature and contains better songs. There are plenty of highlights here such as "You Don't Mind(Devil In Disguised)", the simply breathtaking and 'darker' "I Can See It In Your Eyes", the up-tempo fun rocker "Shine Out" and the catchy "The Girl With Guilty Eyes", to name a few, that makes the final result extremely attractive. Listen, also, to the amazing mid-tempo and very 80's tune of "Goodbye".

Really interesting release by Stala & So. This band takes things to a higher level with this new record and the sure thing is that we expecting bigger things in the near future. Highly recommended!

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
1. I Need More
2. When The Night Falls
3. Headlong
4. Now N' Everyday
5. I Can See It In Your Eyes
6. Shine Out
7. Living For Today
8. The Girl With Guilty Eyes
9. You Don't Mind(Devil In Disguised)
10. Goodbye

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