Friday, February 13, 2015

T.H.L. Join Atomic Stuff

Atomic Stuff Promotion proudly welcomes in its roster hard rockers T.H.L. to promote their debut album "Thirteenth Hell Level", recently released by Sound Management Corporation.

Track List:

1. Master Domino
2. Born To Be Wild
3. Really Cruel
4. Honky Tonk Woman
5. Erythroxylum
6. Longway To Redemption
7. War
8. Somewhere
9. Forget
10. Sociopathic


T.H.L. was born in Brescia, Italy, in 2010 with the intention of writing and composing its own songs. The project blends the experiences that every single member has brought to the band, including the passion for rock music seen as natural expression of art. The name T.H.L. (Thirteenth Hell Level), a sort of provocation, sums up all the topics faced in the lyrics of each song: war (“War”), modern society (“Sociopathic”), drugs (“Erythroxylum”), the road to death (“Longway To Redemption”), rape (Forget) and life seen as something opposite to “The Bad”. All the topics are discussed in order not to say something obvious. 

The music features strong riffs as well as arpeggios, the sound range goes from clean to distortion, with solos from both guitars. The original line-up was composed by Nadir Caldera on lead vocals, Cosimo Basile and Fiorenzo “Flow” Consonni on guitars, Simone Agliardi on bass and Luca Massari on drums. 

The first live shows took place near Brescia on August 2011, when Federica Cressi replaced Nadir Caldera as lead singer. In January 2011 Cosimo Basile left the band, replaced by Silver Pes, who contributes to the final result of the songs thanks to his great attitude as guitarist. Now, the band members are Federica “Ica” Cressi on vocals, Fiore “Flow” Consonni and Silver Pes on guitars, Simone “Cella” Agliardi on bass and acoustic guitar and Luca Massari on drums. On June19th, 2012, the band took part in the TV show “ Music on the Road”, broadcasted by Sky, where the band was recorded live at Trezzo D’Adda while playing two songs and then interviewed. On April 2013 Silver left the band and Roberto Mazzucchelli replaced him. With Roberto, the band ends the recording sessions of the album “Thirteenth Hell Level”. 

The album was recorded at “Rock Haus” in Gussago (Brescia) and mixed by Matteo Nolli at Nolli Studio in Vobarno (Brescia). The album features 10 tracks, 8 original songs and 2 covers ( Honky Tonk Woman by Rolling Stones and Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf), both rearranged. In 2013 the band appeared in the “Annuary of Italian Metal” with an interview. In the same year the band signed a contract with SMC Management, managed by Daniele Cicco, for the release of the album. During 2014, singer Luca Longoni replaces temporarily Federica while she's pregnant; soon after Gabriele Giovannini joins in as second guitarist. Once Federica's back, the band decides to keep Luca on backing vocals, to enhance the band's potential. With a six-piece line-up, the band is currently continuing its live activity and composing new songs. 

On February 2015 T.H.L. signed a deal with Atomic Stuff to promote “Thirteenth Hell Level”.


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