Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love at Backdoor - new video from Nasty Crue

Nasty Crue – Glam rockers from Poland have prepared a new video promoting the song “Love at Backdoor” . Last fall, the glammers finished Rock’n’Roll Nation Tour, where they played concerts in Poland and Germany, spreading the good news about a debut album with the same name. But the piece in the clip is not contained on the Rock’n’Roll Nation CD. It had been created during the first years of artistic activity of the band and could be presented in a renewed form only after 5 years. “We chose this song because it is our concert anthem that has been with us from the moment of creation of Nasty Crue. It’s a catchy tune, the crowd can sing the chorus even if they haven’t heard us before” asserts Mintay 69, the drummer.

Nasty Crue puts stress on good fun in an unrestrained style. The youngest member of the band, Shuffle McRoyal, recollects the first meeting with Nasty Crue a year ago. “Exaggerated image of hair metal, a lot of melodies, funny lyrics, a bit of spice – this what reminded me of Nasty”.”With the video clip we want to summarize five years of our activity. We don’t want to rekindle memories, but recreate  the atmosphere of past “pink” years,” summarizes Jon Jondrensen, the vocalist. According to Paulie Skorvensen, the bass player “These times were totally crazy”.

Members of the band hint that the clip should be not taken entirely seriously and they don’t encourage more prudish people to watch it.

The single “Love at Backdoor” was mixed and mastered by an Australian guitar player, well-known in the world of Glam metal – Casey Jones, who was a member of De La Cruz. The authors of music are previous bass player of Nasty Crue, Tomasz Blazej Targosz (CETI) and Łukasz Targosz (ex-Crystal Viper).

Nasty Crue agrees that Love at Backdoor is a great summary of last 5 years but now they are hitting a new direction. "We want to be like best surfers - catch the best wave and have fun of it. New wave of glam metal is ours!" - announces Paulie.

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