Monday, June 20, 2016

REVIEW : GREAT MASTER / Lion & Queen (2016)

Great Master is an Epic Power Metal band that was originally formed in 1993 by the solo guitarist Jahn Carlini. After a couple of demos, EP's, that gained positive feedback, and a tour, the band split-up. In 2008, Great Master was back officially by signing with Underground Symphony for the launch of their debut album "Underworld".

In 2013, a second release was ready for the band with the title "Serenissima". Serenissima is an historical concept album on Republic of Venice and her major historical representatives. This is a tribute to the native land of the band.

So, nowadays, Great Master is back with album number three. "Lion & Queen" is entitled the band's third step and after a couple of spins I have to admit that this is about a well-crafted Epic Power Metal record that includes very good arrangements, plenty of melodies, superb guitar lines and a tight musicianship.

Tracks such as the fantastic "Prayer In The Wind", the classic and Epic to the bone "Another Story", the more hard rock oriented "Stargate", "Holy Mountain" and "Time After Time" are all showing the great abilities of this band to deliver solid and well-played Epic and Melodic Power Metal at its highest order!!

For those who love the classic Epic Power Metal sound with plenty of melodies, then Great Master's newest release is THE album to check out! Really impressed here with "Lion & Queen"!! The last thing that I have to add here is that this band has great potentials and with albums like this one one thing is for sure; bigger things in the near future!! 

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
01. Voices
02. Another Story
03. Oldest
04. Prayer in the wind
05. Traveller of Time
06. Stargate
07. Mystic River
08. Holy Mountains
09. Time After Time
10. The Other Side
11. Walking on the Rainbow
12. Lion and Queen 

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