Sunday, April 6, 2014

GUN BARREL / Damage Dancer (2014)

To be really honest with you here, this is my first 'meeting' with Gun Barrel and as you'll see below I'm really impressed by these heavy rockers and their brand new "Damage Dancer". Gun Barrel has already released five full-length records and one DVD so far (and that means that I have a lot to search for...). The band consists of  Patrick Sühl on lead vocals, Rolf Tanzius on guitars, Tomcat Kintgen on bass and Toni Pinciroli on drums.

After a short heavy intro comes the real thing; "Damage Dancer" kicks-off the things here with such a great way! Heavy guitars, powerful and in-your-face vocal lines a tight rhythm section and an explosive chorus line like a punch in your face! "Bashing Thou" and "Judgement Day" are both movin' in the same heavy paths as the opener with big loud guitars and a singer that is delivering the goods!! Damn, the guitar sound so far is awesome! Thunderous riffs and smoking solos that tie you down! "Passion Rules" includes a very nice groove in it while in "Building A Monster" the 80's metal influences are obvious. "Whiteout" is another 80's influenced tune while in "Back Alley Ruler" prepare for some headbanging!!!! Yes, this is a killer 'speedy' heavy rocker build for  headbanging!!! Cool stuff!  The rest four songs that close the album are all simply solid rockers with strong performances, a tight musicianship and very good arrangements.

Bottom line is that I'm really impressed by these guys here!!! One thing is sure, "Damage Dancer" rocked my world!! It includes some really ass-kickin' rockers that will please every single fan of 80's, early 90's, heavy rock scene! Highly recommended stuff!
Heavy Paradise's Rating: 8/10

Track Listing :
1. Intro
2. Damage Dancer
3. Bashing Thru
4. Judgement Day
5. Passion Rules
6. Building A Monster
7. Heading For Disaster
8. Ride The Dragon
9. Whiteout
10. Back Alley Ruler
11. Vultures Are Waiting
12. Rise Up To The Storm

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