Saturday, January 25, 2014

EtHERSENS / Your Wandering Ghost (2014)

French Avantgarde metallers Ethersens are releasing their new album ‘Your Wandering Ghost’ on Scarlet Records. Five years after their critically acclaimed debut release ‘Ordinary Days’, Ethersens are back with their strongest material to date, eight new songs that the band describes as raw, dynamic and full of tension.

This album is in many ways darker than ‘Ordinary Days’, it’s really based on tension and everything we went through while making it. It was a long journey to make the band survive, so we can say that a new era has started for us” says the band’s guitarist and founder Mickael André. And he adds: “It’s a concept album about a relationship between two people which takes a tragic turn. It’s very personal to our new singer Laurent Mora”. The cover artwork was made by French visionary artist Romain Barbot.

"Your Wandering Ghost" is a complex record, no doubt 'bout that. The sound is dark, melancholic with soul-full performances and strong arrangements. The guitar parts are sharp but at the same time melodic that leaves to the listener a sweet taste! The musicianship is tight and overall the result is more than good. The vocal lines, in some parts, reminds me of HIM's singer Ville Valo! To be honest here, there is no filler in sight or something average in this record. "Same Goodbye" is the absolute highlight for me here; a slow, 'dark' and melancholic tune that grabbed my attention from the very first spin. Beautiful!! "This Is Where You And I Parts" is another brilliant song; it starts with a heavier and intense riff and becomes to a huge alternative metal hymn with a memorable chorus line! "Reflect" is heavier while in "Waking Disorder" we have one of the most complex tracks fro the new record. Progressive with a strong metallic edge and of course a big alternative pinch that makes this one a great tune!

This is an extremely interesting release all the way! I would, also, add that "Your Wandering Ghost" sounds different from my ordinary stuff but it's so beautiful and strange that I love it! Check it out!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
1. Two for One Mind
2. Same Goodbye
3. This is Where You and I Part Ways
4. Livin' Memory
5. Mourning Light
6. Reflect
7. Waking Disorder
8. To Live is to Forget

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