Sunday, December 29, 2013


"A Life to Die For" marks the return of Royal Hunt in the music scene with another solid record. It is the twelfth album by these Danish progressive rockers with the American singer DC Cooper on vocals.

I have to say that their previous release "Show Me How To Live" left me an excellent impression and it is still a gem in the band's discography . Surely, it isn't a new "Moving Target" or "Paradox" (both  are classics in my book) but it definitely satisfied the most avid fans of the band !

So, nowadays, we have the brand new concept-album "A Life to Die For" which comes to open new horizons for the band , both lyrically and musically, since the use of symphonic / orchestrical elements gives a fresh air and a new dimension to the band's sound. The Queen-ish elements are scattered around and the magnificent and rich keys of Andre Andersen fill even more every moment of the album . Listen to the fantastic and pompous "A Bullet's Tale" and the ultra-catchy chorus with the amazing chorus line "Running Out Of Tears" and you'll understand what I'm talking !

Generally, the gang of Andre Andersen and DC Cooper manages to release another brilliant album which contains well-written and well-performed songs, very good orchestrations, clever hooks & catchy choruses, new ideas and great performances from one of the top performers ever, DC Cooper!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List :
01. Hell Comes Down From Heaven
02. A Bullet's Tale
03. Running Out Of Tears
04. One Minute Left To Live
05. Sign Of Yesterday
06. Won't Trust, Won't Fear, Won't Beg
07. A Life To Die For

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