Thursday, December 26, 2013

REBEL*STAR / "II" (2013)

REBEL*STAR is a kinda of rookie in the melodic hard rock scene. With a debut album back in 2010, RebelStar is back nowadays to make some noise with their second release which is entitled "II". Since their debut, RebelStar, also, share the stage with big names of this scene such as King's X and Helloween.

Their music is based on the 80's hard rock stuff with an updated and sometimes 'modern' twist. Big and loud guitars with powerful vocal lines and some really catchy choruses and hooks to sing-a-long for days are the elements of RebelStar's music.

"Big, Bang, Boom" is the opener song and, man, this is just awesome! A nice groove, a 'clever' riff and when it comes to chorus is just hard rock delight! Excellent stuff! "Crucify Me" seems like it came out from a hair metal band from L.A. Sunset Strip!! It's pure ass-kickin' rock 'n' roll with a huge guitar solo and it's among my favorites from this new album. "Everyone's A Star Tonight" and "Burning Sensation" are both great rockers while "Look But Don't Touch" is another highlight here!

All in all, this is a great record all the way! Pure hard rock stuff with some killer tunes in it that will please every fan of this scene out there! I have to search for the band's debut release......
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01 - Big, Bang, Boom
02 - All For One, One for All
03 - Crucify Me
04 - Sick M.F. [Explicit]
05 - Everyone's A Star Tonight
06 - Hollywood Creature
07 - Burning Sensation
08 - Look But Don't Touch
09 - In It For The Money [feat. Sleeze Beez]
10 - Love Leaves Scars

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