Friday, June 14, 2013


Ruler: new album
Milan-based heavy metal band Ruler entered Elnor Studio (Magnago, Milan, Italy) to record the second album “Rise To Power”. This new chapter, that follows the debut “Evil Nightmares”, will be released for My Graveyard Productions on September 21st, 2013.


Cromlech signed for My Graveyard Productions
My Graveyard Productions inked a deal with Canadian band Cromlech to release the debut album “Ave Mortis”. The band presents a dark gloomy epic/doom sound; founded in Toronto, Canada in 2011, Cromlech is the antithesis to all that is trivial and banal in Heavy Metal. 

Thunderous drumming, extended dual guitar melodies and songcrafting on a truly epic scale sets Cromlech apart in a genre plagued by generic rock clichés and fashion conscious trendsters. Ave Mortis – Hail Death!".

The album is scheduled for release in September 2013. See attachment for the cover and a band picture. 

The track list is:

1. Ave Mortis
2. For a Red Dawn
3. Honor
4. To See Them Driven Before You
5. Of the Eagle and the Trident
6. Lend Me Your Steel
Amongst the Tombs
8. Shadow and Flame

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