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Doug Aldrich is in the music business for over thirty years and more. His works with the extraordinary Bad Moon Rising, the legendary Dio and Lion are all classics in my book. In the second half of the nineties, he formed Burning Rain and released two amazing bluesy hard rock based albums and during the last years he's deen a member of Whitesnake.

Apart from his talent as a guitarist and songwriter he is, also, a very nice person and I had the privilege to meet him twice in my hometown for some live performances. Nowadays, Aldrich and Burning Rain are back with a brand new album which is titled "Epic Obsession". Keith St. John is once again the lead singer but this time there are a couple of changes in the band's line-up. Sean McNabb of Dokken/Quiet Riot is on bass and Matt Starr of Ace Frehey is on drums.

"Epic Obsession" features all the elements that we love from this band; great guitar lines, amazing vocal performances by a very talented guy, superb songwriting and a solid rhythm section. The sound is pure, and a bit updated,  Burning Rain and that means that the guys continued from where "Pleasure To Burn" stopped. "Sweet Little Baby Thing" seems to be the perfect opener for this new record. It rocks hard, it has great arrangements and Aldrich's superb riffs and solo! "The Cure" and "Ride The Monkey" rockin' good while there are also some tracks that features the well-known bluesier elements such as "Too Hard To Break", "Heaven Gets Me By" and the mid-tempo "Made For Your Heart" which all are highlights here. "When Can I Believe In Love" is just an awesome ballad track!!

Closing my review I have to say that I liked this album a lot. To be honest, I prefer the band's previous two albums more but let's not complain; this is a solid blues hard rock album with some amazing guitar work in it and that can't be ignored by any Whitesnake, Badlands, Bad Moon Rising fan out there. 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10 

Track List :
1. Sweet Little Baby Thing 
2. The Cure 
3. Till You Die 
4. Heaven Gets Me By 
5. Pray Out Loud 
6. Our Time Is Gonna Come 
7. Too Hard To Break 
8. My Lust Your Fate 
9. Made For Your Heart 
10. Ride The Monkey 
11. Out In The Cold Again 
12. When Can I Believe In Love 
13. Kashmir (bonus track) 
14. Heaven Gets Me By (acoustic bonus track)

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