Sunday, October 15, 2023

REVIEW : CARE OF NIGHT, Reconnected (Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 17 November 2023)

Swedish AOR/Melodic Rockers Care Of Night has announced the upcoming release of their third studio album, RECONNECTED, on November 17, 2023. 

The band states : “We’re thrilled to finally be able to share new music with you. We’ve been working hard on these songs and think fans of the genre will be pleased. This album offers a variety of songs that will last many listens. It also marks a new start for Care of Night with the new lineup and label, hence the name: ‘Reconnected’.“

Formed in 2009, the band released an EP in 2013 consisting of four songs that made a great impact among AOR fans all over the world. After that, the band released its first full-length opus entitled CONNECTED, in 2015 via AOR Heaven. That was a great slice of pure and old-fashioned AOR stuff at its best and showed that this band had a lot to offer in the near future. Their second album, LOVE EQUALS WAR (2018), was also very well-received by fans and critics, and got a warm welcome when it was released.

Nowdays, the band is back in business with its brand new effort, "Reconnected", via Frontiers Music and once again it offers a pure, high-level and quality melodic rock/AOR stuff that will be welcomed by any fan of this particular scene. 

The opener, "Street Runner", is just killer, up-beat and classic AOR track at its best!! "Tonight", "Melanie" and "Follow Through" are all three superb pieces of classic melodic rock stuff! Edgy and crunchy guitars, passionate vocals, choruses enough to sing-a-long and these so sweet melodies to keep haunting you for days!!! Excellent stuff! The straight forward "Wrong" with its amazing harmonic line is pure gold while in "End Of A Chapter" the band is delivering yet another killer melodic rocker! The modern and up-beat "Stay With Me" is just marvellous!!! 

Care Of Night with their brand new opus is trying to re-connect with the melodic rock/AOR fans around the world and at the end of the day they surely achieve it!! "Reconnected" is a true and classic AOR album all the way! It contains everything that the ordinary fan will ask for; big melodies, edgy guitars, choruses to sing-a-long, solid arrangements and killer songs! A top release!!!

Songwritting : 9
Production : 9
Songs : 9
Musicianship : 9

Overall Rating : 9 / 10 


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