Saturday, February 25, 2023

REVIEW : Lost Asylum, Inmate 13 (Lost Asylum Release: 25 March 2023)

UK heavy rock band LOST ASYLUM will release their new 4-track EP 'INMATE 13' on March 25th, 2023. 

The name of LOST ASYLUM was totally stranger to me till' now that I received their brand new EP to review it. But before the review of "Inmate 13" let's read a couple of things about this UK Heavy Rock band. 

In the early 2015, guitarist Darren Potts was looking to put together a heavy rock band. After bringing in drummer Danny Wilder and bassist Dave Tucker from previous projects, Darren was actually looking for a vocalist when he was introduced to Steve Clark, a fellow guitarist. After hitting it off with Steve, the band members decided to make this new project a two guitar setup.  

Darren's original idea waso reform a previous project, but with a couple of new members and fresh ideas it was decided that this would be something entirely new. Band names were thrown around untill Steve had an idea and so Sussex based rock band Lost Asylum was born!  

After gigging with a variety of vocalists, the search for a regular frontman that could truly fit in the Asylum continued until Steve met and recruited frontman/screamer Ryan O'Donovan at a open mic in Brighton in early 2019.   

"Inmate 13" is a 4 track mini album that has its moments. For example, the opening tune of "Follow" is an overall solid tune and probably the best of all four tracks. It has a really nice groove, heavy guitars and reminded a bit of the alternative U.S. scene of the early 90's. "In My Sights" has more attitude and in some parts reminded me of Warrior Soul's early works. "Enemy" is a lot of heavier and kinda of 'darker' but lacks of inspiration, in my humble opinion.! The track that closes this EP, "Dysfunctional Me", is again a solid one. A more 'rich' sound here with a better guitar work this track among with the opener "Follow" are the best moments out of "Inmate 13". 

Songwritting : 5
Production : 6
Songs : 6
Musicianship : 7

Overall Rating : 6 / 10 


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