Sunday, May 23, 2021



Today the band is presenting its new line-up and will re-start with fresh energy after the difficult Covid-19-situation. In addition to the founding members MICHAEL and STEVE WACHELHOFER, drummer ERICH BLIE and MARIANNE RAUSCHA on vocals, who comes from the world of Musicals, will complete Cornerstone in the future. Basically, the new band has been in place since the end of last year - but the members wanted to become familar with each other first and prepare quietly and without any disturbances from outside.

From June on there will be concerts again, but due to the expiring Covid-19 measures and the currently rather difficult organization of abroad-trips only in Austria this year. The dates will be announced shortly. The production of the new single (working title: "Private Eyes") has already begun, but the lockdowns made the studio work rather difficult, so it will likely be released in the second half of 2021. A new studio album will also follow later this year or in the beginning of 2022.



New Album "Reflections" – available as download and in stores

+++ "This band could quite happily be on heavy rotation on American
radio: in the good old days, MTV would have loved this band."
Fireworks Magazin, United Kingdom

+++ "… an unusual focus on arrangement details, and progressive melodic
hooks, excellent material, sounds like the recipe for a hit to me!"
Beau Hill/ Producer (Europe, Alice Cooper, Winger, …) U.S.A.

+++ "...…their heroic AOR anthems speak the sort of language that should
win them a place in your hearts: massive choruses built for radio airplay… "
Classic Rock Magazine, United Kingdom  

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