Monday, March 1, 2021

REVIEW : FROZEN TEARS, Brazen Whisper (single track, 2021 / MR RECORDS)

Frozen Tears from Melbourne, Australia began their journey in 1996 and was formed by vocalist Thanis Akritidis and Jon Powers. The same year the band was assigned to write a rock anthem for Australia’s biggest football club South Melbourne and gained success. 

The following year, in 1997, Thanis and Jon released the full length debut release “Silence Of The Night” which had a massive 15 songs and gained excellent reviews in an industry before “social media” was a thing!

After working out their sound and approach and putting some original songs together, Frozen Tears (influenced by bands such as KISS, Whitesnake, Dokken and White Sistersoon began work on their debut album, Silence of the Night, which was released in late-1997 and was a potent mix of classic hard rock with strong melodic overtones and an infusion of classic A.O.R. sounds. 

The years to come saw the band writting and composing songs for a second release. The stars finally started to align for the band in early 2020, when Frozen Tears began laying down tracks for Brazen Whisper, the tentative title for their self-produced sophomore album. As the world started heading into isolation and worrying about the future, Akritidis and Powers were escaping into their music, laying down and refining cuts like “Set Me Free”, “Love Can Be Real”, “Hold on Tight” and “Brazen Whisper”.

So, what we have here is a preview of Frozen Tears single track entitled "Brazen Whisper". A track that kicks-off in a very late 80's sound and that means big gang vocals, a chorus line enough to make you whisper it for days, a classic melody in the vain of earlier Dokken/Winger style and some tasteful crunchy guitars for your ear pleasure.  

For sure, Frozen Tears is a band that with this excellent first sample will leave you hungry for more. For the fans of the golden days of hard rock/edgy AOR sound, FROZEN TEARS is a band that you should check out! 

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