Wednesday, October 19, 2016

REVIEW : LIVESAY / Frozen Hell (2016)

KIVEL RECORDS has offered some really killer releases in the past. Nowadays, KIVEL RECORDS presents the brand new LIVESAY album with the title "Frozen Hell". The band was formed back in 1991, in New York, and has already released three full-length efforts.

After the first spin of the new record, I have to say that this album rocks big big time! Yes, the sound here is based on the melodic hard rock/metal scene of the late 80's, early 90's, and it includes killer guitar lines, passionate vocals, catchy hooks n' choruses and a bunch of some solid tracks in it. The guitar sound reminds me a bit of George Lynch's work in Lynch Mob and that's a thing that I loved from "Frozen Hell".

After a short but intense intro comes the first big moment from the new record; "Leaving" is a track that grabbed my attention at once. A groovier hard rock gem with a strong 80's vibe in it and with lots of attitude. The more straight-forward rocker "Slaved And Bounded" and "With Or Without You" are two more highlights from "Frozen Hell". Big guitars, the spirit of the 80's metal scene alive and kickin' and, of course, the necessary choruses to sing-a-long!!!

"Welcome To The Real World" is a song that will be appreciated by each and every fan of bands such as earlier-Winger and Dokken and generally by any fan of this scene. The faster-paced rocker of "Comes Of Age" is nice while in "Since You've Been Gone" we are dealing with a solid cover work of a classic track that the boys of LIVESAY gave an extra and very interesting twist. "Spread Your Wings", the song that closes the new album is a superb power-ballad with a so sweet melody.

The last thing that I have to add here is that LIVESAY with this new album shows that the spirit of the glory late 80's, early 90's, melodic hard rock/metal scene is alive and kickin'!!! If you love this particular sound, like I do, or if you are a guitar freak then please do a favor to yourself and check out this little gem of an album!!!! 

Rating : 9,5/10

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