Thursday, March 14, 2013


Code Of Silence is a new exciting melodic metal act and "Dark Skies Over Babylon" is their debut album. The band consists of Gus Monsanto, Ben Randall (Power Quest) who turned heads when he won "The Most Promising Young Guitarist" award at the 2008 inaugural guitar idol competition in London, Scott McLean on keys, John Clelland on drums and James Murray on bass.    

The album was produced by Paul Logue of Eden's Curse and mixed, mastered by the mighty Alessandro Del Vecchio. "Dark Skies Over Babylon" is a concept album based upon the tales of the legendary Knights Templar during the periods of the Crusades.

After an epic/symphonic intro comes the opening tune of "Bitter Sweet Paradise". A heavy in-your-face riff followed by some melodic guitar lines and an explosive and extremely catchy chorus line. A really impressive start. "Sky Is Falling Down" is a fast-paced traditional heavy rock tune which features some nice guitar lines. The title track is a nice mid-tempo with a cool piano and some heavier pinches as well. "Knights Of The Crimson Cross" is the highlight here!! Up-tempo with a blasting rhythm and a chorus to die for!!

The fact is that "Dark Skies Over Babylon" is an impressive start for Code Of Silence". The melodic metal sound is perfectly balanced with the epic and hard rock elements creating a very interesting album from start to finish!! The vocal performances along with the stunning guitar lines are the band's strongest points of this record. Highly recommended.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. Omertà 02. Bitter Sweet Paradise 03. Sky Is Falling Down 04. Tame The Tempest 05. Dark Skies Over Babylon 06. Seventh Seal 07. Witches Of November 08. Black Abyss 09. Knights Of The Crimson Cross 10. Midnight Cathedral (Veritas) 11. Here To Heaven

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