Thursday, April 4, 2019


Legendary band of TESLA comes back with yet another killer opus entitled "Shock". Phil Collen of Def Leppard is responsible of the production of this new record and I have to say that apart from the 'Leppardized' of Tesla, he has done an overall great job here. 

The sound is bigger, fat and the guitars are sharp, melodic and in some parts very modern (I like the guitar sound here a lot) and the lead singer Jeff Keith sounds better than ever. The songs are well-written, well-performed and there's a variety of sounds that the sure thing is that will please every rock fan, in general, I think that "Shock" is a classic rock record by any meaning. For sure, it's not a hard rock album in a way that Tesla used to release. It's a modern rock album that features some edgier tracks, some groovier tunes but, also, some more modern rock tracks and a few slower cuts as well. 

The opener tune of "You Won't Take Me Alive" is probably one of the best tracks here. Heavier with a bombastic chorus line, attitude and, of course, the Def Leppard 'ghost' to haunt the whole tune. Great rocker. "Taste Like" and "We Can Rule The World" are both catchy rockers while in "Shock" the boys deliver yet another killer and modern edgy rock track and, of course, another highlight out of this new opus. The "California Summer Song" is cool, lots of fan and shows the happiest side of Tesla. Very interesting song.  "The Mission" rocks big time while in "I Want Everything" and "Comfort Zone" (that sounds like it jumped out from Leppard's S.L.A.N.G. effort) we have some ass-kickin' rockers with big choruses and tasty riffs. 

I really enjoyed every single moment of TESLA's new record. There are plenty of big rockers, there's this late Def Leppard vibe all over the album, the classic band's elements, emotions and the bottom line is that "Shock" stands proudly besides this band's discography. 

Rating : 8,8/10 

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