Saturday, February 23, 2019

REVIEW : Steel Prophet --- The God Machine (ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records, Release: 26 April 2019)

US Power Metal legends Steel Prophet are back with a brand new opus titled "The God Machine". The new record features singer / producer R.D. Liapakis of Mystic Prophecy / Devil's Train and his uniquely ranged vocal skills that fit perfectly with the band's sound. Liapakis is not just only the man behind the microphone but he's, also, contributed to the songwriting and production of the album.

"The God Machine" is gonna be released worldwide by ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records (Mystic Prophecy, Ashes Of Ares, Monument, Outloud, Last Union, Enemy Inside, Guardians Of Time, etc.) in April 26th this year. 

Except Liapakis on lead vocals, Steel Prophet consist of Steve Kachinsky (Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards), Jon Paget (Lead Guitar), Vince Dennis (Bass) and John ‘JT’ Tarascio (Drums). 

The opening tune of "The God Machine" is just pure and ass-kickin' power metal stuff that features Liapakis fistful vocals in front row, thunderous drums, a catchy metal chorus line and a 'ripping' guitar riff!! With the next song, "Crucify", Steel Prophet deliver a simply fantastic power metal anthem in the vain of Mystic Prophecy's latest works. Man, I just love this one! In "Thrashed Relentlessly", we are just dealing with a classic US power metal sound that features a great chorus and a huge riffing that blows you brains out. 

One of the best moments here is without any doubt the more straight forward and melodic tune of "Dark Mask (Between Love And Hate)" while in "Soulhunter" we have a damn solid metal hymn that includes a bombastic hook and chorus. The power metal ballad of "Buried And Broken" is good while in "Life=Love=God Machine" the band offers a killer hard rocking, with tons of groove, song and one of my personal favorites out of the new opus. 

Steel Prophet with their brand new opus, "The God Machine", deliver a damn fine sample of pure Power Metal stuff with tons of riffs enough to bang your head, a big and massive sound, melodies, killer songs and strong vocal performances by R.D. Liapakis!!! One of the top releases so far!!! Buy or die!!!

Rating : 9,5/10

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