Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Born in Sweden, Snakes In Paradise made an impact to the melodic hard rock world with their great debut back in 1994. "Snakes In Paradise" was and still remains a classic debut among the fans of this particular scene. Four years later, in 1998, "Garden Of Eden" saw the light of day and again Snakes In Paradise achieved to impress their fans with their solid melodic hard rock stuff.

In 2002, a new album from Snakes In Paradise filled our hearts with happiness. "Dangerous Love" took a more Whitesnake-esque direction and included some killer tunes in it. After this opus, the band took separate ways. But thanks to the Swedish music festival in 2016, the band was reunited for a new and fourth studio album.

For those who aren't familiar with Snakes In Paradise music allow me to say that their style is heavenly influenced by the mid-80's, early 90's, melodic hard rock sound with a strong bluesy feeling and, of course, with a big dose of AOR especially in the choruses. 

The first big moment of the new record comes with the huge bluesy rock tune of "Silent Sky". The vocals, the arrangements, the guitars, this fantastic bluesy vibe are all excellent! "Will You Remember Me", "Living Without Your Love", "After The Fire Is Gone" and "Things" are all classic rock songs that will put a smile upon the face of every rock fan out there. 

All in all, "Step Into The Light" is an extremely enjoyable album all the way. I really like this band a lot and I'm happy that Snakes In Paradise is back again!! For those who like their rock melodic and bluesy, "Step Into The Light" is a must purchase. 

Rating : 8/10

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