Saturday, April 15, 2017

REVIEW : Helker -- Firesoul (2017)

Argentina's metal band of Helker strikes back with its brand new opus which is entitled "Firesoul"!! Lead by extraordinary vocalist Diego Valdez and a pure melodic power metal sound, Helker is back again to deliver another solid record full of big melodies, heavy to the bone guitars and powerful songs.

Since their creation HELKER released three highly respected albums in their native language, “Legado Secreto” in 2001, “Resistir” in 2008 and “A.D.N.” in 2010 that helped them a lot to build up a loyal fan-base not only by Argentina’s metal fans but also by Euro melodic power metal fans.

"Somewhere In The Circle"  was released back in 2013, via AFM records and was the first English language album that was produced by Mat Sinner.

The first highlight of the new record comes with the powerful "For All The Eternity". A song that combines perfectly the power and the melody and at the end leaves you hungry for more! The guitar solo in this track will leave you breathless! Excellent stuff.

More heavy riffs, groove and in-your-face vocals in the killer "Playing With Fire" while in "Where You Belong" the band delivers another yet stunning and more straight forward metal hymn. "You Are In My Heart", the epic ballad "Empty Room" and the fast-paced "Stay Away" are all three just amazing and they gonna be future classics!!

I think that you got a picture of how "Firesoul" sounds! It's heavy, powerful and aggressive but it also features some damn big melodies and some crazy riffs n' solos that makes it attractive for both melodic hard rock and melodic power metal fans too!!!

Rating : 8/10

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