Sunday, April 2, 2017


With the band of Brother Firetribe you can't go wrong! It's one of these bands that does not disappoint with each release. From the debut record of "False Metal" back in 2006 till the brand new "Sunbound" Brother Firetribe, it is always synonymous with quality when it's about some catchy and edgy melodic rock/AOR stuff.

Their music, as I already mentioned above, is pure melodic rock (sometimes edgier) heaven with strong emphasis on big harmonies, the memorable hooks and choruses, plenty of melodies that stick in your mind at once and great vocals thanks to the amazing Pekka Heino.

After the short but intense instrumental tune of "Sunbound" comes the real thing; "Help Is On The Way" and we are dealing with the first highlight of the new record. Edgy and classic Brother Firetribe song that could easily appear in the band's huge debut opus. Next, "Incredible Heroes" and once again we are have another killer tune. Straight forward melodic rock with big harmonies, great arrangements and a catchy chorus line. Love it!!! The remastered version of the already great "Taste Of Champion" is huge and with "Give Me Tonight" the band offers a tasty and fast-paced rocker and one of my personal favorites from "Sunbound". "Strangled", "Heart Of The Matter" and "Big City Dreams" are all three superb samples of a band that knows how to deliver edgy melodic rock stuff at its best!!!

The band's best record to-date, no doubt 'bout that! A clear winner from Brother Firetribe that comes out of nowhere with one of this year's best albums! Buy or die!!!

Rating : 9,5/10

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