Monday, February 13, 2017

REVIEW : Groupie High School - “...Ladies & Gentleman” (2017)

Groupie High School is a Glam/Hard Rock band from Finland and "...Ladies &Gentleman" is their newest EP. This new album presents 6 tracks that all sound like they jumped out from the Sunset Strip scene of the late 80's!!! The image, the sound, the attitude...everything here 'smells' L.A. from miles away.

The only problem here is the production; yes, the average production ruins the whole thing!! The songs in this mini-album are all good, the bad-ass attitude gives an extra flavor and there are some really cool riffs and solos. The hooks and choruses are catchy and, in general, I would dare to say that this album with a better production could be much better.

"Chicks With The Flips" is probably the best song here!! Powerful, up-tempo and with attitude this one could have been a major hit if it has been released 30 years before!!!! It reminded a bit of a band called Erotic Suicide (anyone remember these guys???).  "Liquid Lunch" is a track that brings back memories from bands such as Pretty Boy Floyd, Poison and Faster Pussycat to name a few and "Hard To Breath" is the album's ballad. A typical 80's ballad that includes a nice melody in it and emotional vocal lines.

This a good, old-fashioned and with full of attitude mini album that brings up memories from the glorious late 80's Glam/Sleaze/Hard Rock scene. Groupie High School has the right ideas, the attitude and the songs to level-up higher their work but they need better production!!! 

Rating : 7/10 

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