Wednesday, August 31, 2016

REVIEW : TANGO DOWN / Bulletproof (2016)

U.S. melodic hard rockers Tango Down are back in business with a new album that is called "Bulletproof". This time Tango Down has a new shouter, the well-known Chas West (Lynch Mob and Red Dragon Cartel), that rockets the final result into a higher level.

I'm a big fan of this band but I have to say that "Bulletproof" is Tango Down's best album to-date!! Yep, the sound is pure 80's melodic hard rock heaven and includes some killer tunes in it, a big and 'fat' sound, some in-your-face riffs and solos and some powerful performances as well.

"Punching Bag", the opener, is what I call a blast from the past; a totally ass-kickin' melodic heavy rock track that is build up for big arenas!! The chorus is loud, in-your-face and it sticks to your mind for days!!! "Bulletproof" includes a bad-ass, ala Lynch Mob, groove and it's among my favorites from the new record. With "Carry On" the band delivers another gem. A more straight forward rocker with a moodier vibe but overall a superb song. The melodic "When We Were Young" and the edgy "Superstar" are two more great samples out of "Bulletproof" while in "Anything Can Change" we have another winner!!!

Tango Down is back with their best album to-date. "Bulletproof" is an album that 'smells' 80's melodic hard rock from miles away. Everything here is almost perfect and generally "Bulletproof" is an album that will be loved by any fan of the late 80's melodic hard rock scene. Buy or die!!!

Rating : 9,5/10

Track Listing :
01 - Punching Bag
02 - Give Me a Reason
03 - Bulletproof
04 - Carry On
05 - When We Were Young
06 - Going Under
07 - Superstar
08 - Edge of Goodbye
09 - Anything Can Change
10 - Broken Heart


  1. These guys are great...I thought they would have trouble replacing David Reece but man was I wrong, Chas West does an awesome job and this is my favorite album of theirs so far! Every song is a keeper but Give Me A Reason, When We Were Young and Going Under are my top picks at the moment!

  2. Yeah. Very crunchy guitar work that is fun. Sound is not bad, but not great.