Sunday, August 14, 2016

REVIEW : Stop Stop / Barceloningham (2016)

The truth is that I'm always hungry for a good Sleaze/Glam Hard Rock record. You see, I grew up with bands such as Poison, Motley Crue and Twisted Sister, and even if my music tastes are heavier now, I enjoy listening to a good Glam album.

StOp StOp is a band that was formed by Jakob, who was born in Barcelona, and, after years of traveling to find the perfect band mates, his Rock 'n' Roll dreams come true with StOp StOp. Vega was the 'right' axeman and Dany Stixx on drums was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Their latest effort with the title "Join The Party" in 2014, was a damn fine piece of pure 80's Hard Rock stuff with a positive vibe in it and a bad ass attitude. And as I said in my review back then : "Join The Party is the perfect disc for your crazy hot summer days along with a couple, and more, cold beers, girls, girls and more girls!!!"

The new opus is more and less at the same level; ass-kickin' 80's Sleaze Heavy Rock stuff with attitude, explosive choruses and heavy guitars to blow out your mind!! Imagine Skid Row meets Steel Panther with a strong and heavier Poison feeling in it. For example, the opening tune of "Won't Hold Me Back" is the perfect sample of StOp StOp's music; loud....loud...and ballsy sleaze/glam heavy rock. In "Over &Out", the Steelheart-esque "Billy No Mates", "Out The Fire, Into The Pan" and "Johnny Ten-Men" this Rock 'n' Roll circus delivers a great show of pure late 80's Sleaze Heavy Rock stuff at its best.

This three-piece Rock 'n' Roll circus will blow out your mind with their classic 80's party rock songs full of attitude!!

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
1. Won’t Hold Me Back, 2. Spit It Out, 3. Over & Out, 4. Humbug, 5. Little Fighter, 6. Billy No Mates 7. Out The Fire Into The Pan, 8. Walk N’Stalk, 9. Spanish Fly, 10. Barceloningham, 11. Johnny Ten-Men, 12. Your World

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