Sunday, May 1, 2016

REVIEW : VINDRA / Mournful Boy (2016)

VINDRA is a band that hailes from Sweden and plays melodic heavy rock and includes beautiful melodies, very good compositions, superb vocal lines and above all very good songs overflowing with lyricism and soul.

"Mournful Boy" is the band's newest record and it's an effort that captures the audience at its very first spin! Vindra with "Mournful Boy" releases a passion through their music that doesn't goes unnoticed. They combine the rock sound of the late 80's with a more modern approach and their progressive pinches making the final result very attractive.

The opening tune of "Shangri-la" is the first big sample of these Swedes and, to be honest here, it's a winner!! Strong and well-crafted heavy rock stuff with a brilliant 'atmospheric' melody that grabs you and leaves you speechless! Next, "Cold Eyes", it's more melodic and a kinda more melancholic and is one of the highlights of the disc. With  "Dreamless" VINDRA generously offers a truly amazing mid-tempo anthem that features great orchestrations and some mind-blowing performances by Cliff Ljung, the band's lead singer. In "White Lie", the band clearly shows its progressive influences and in "Sacrifice" we are dealing with another very good modern rock song.

Quality, mature and well played, "Mournful Boy" by VINDRA comes out of nowhere to make you love it at first sound.

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
1 Shangri-La 5:40
2 Cold Eyes 4:30
3 In The End 4:01
4 Dreamless 5:34
5 In Life And Death 4:51
6 The Dephts Of Vanadis 4:13
7 White Lie 5:25
8 Sacrifice 4:37
9 Ghost Town 5:15
10 Distant Traveler 5:59
11 Escape Into Darkness 6:19

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