Friday, April 29, 2016

REVIEW : SUNSTORM / Edge of Tomorrow (2016)

SUNSTORM, the band that is led by the legendary singer Joe Lynn Turner, strikes back with a new effort which is entitled "Edge Of Tomorrow". When Sunstorm released its debut, back in 2006, it made each and every single fan of the melodic rock scene in general very happy. Two more albums followed, the solid "House Of Dreams" and "Emotional Fire" which both showed that Sunstorm was not another Frontiers project but a real band.

So, what we have here is yet another great effort of Sunstorm full of big and memorable melodies, clever hooks and choruses and, most of all, full of amazing and remarkable performances of Joe Lynn Turner.

"Don't Walk Away From A Goodbye" is the first big moment out of the new opus. Melodic, up-tempo with a crunchy guitar work and with attitude. Really nice stuff!! "Nothing Left To Say" kicks-off with a huge and heavy guitar riff and becomes a monster of a track!! This is a brilliant and edgier melodic rock song and a personal favorite. Next, with "Heart Of The Storm" we are dealing with a fast-paced rocker that takes no prisoners!! Ass'-kickin' hard rock stuff in an old-fashioned way with a killer chorus line and Turner's amazing vocals on front row!!  "The Darkness Of This Dawn" is simply a breathtaking and epic power ballad while in "You Hold Me Down" we have a perfect RAINBOW-esque rocker!!! The emotional "Angel Eyes" slows things a bit to speed again with the extremely catchy tune of "Everything We Got".

"Edge Of Tomorrow" is another great SUNSTORM record. A bit more edgy and powerful than the previous recordings but with all the well-known ingredients in. A must have for every serious melodic hard rock fan out there!!!

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01. Don't Walk Away From A Goodbye
02. Edge Of Tomorrow
03. Nothing Left To Say
04. Heart Of The Storm
05. The Sound Of Goodbye
06. The Darkness Of This Dawn
07. You Hold Me Down
08. Angel Eyes
09. Everything You've Got
10. Tangled In Blue
11. Burning Fire

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