Wednesday, March 9, 2016


"Havoc" is entitled the long-awaited Circus Maximus newest record. This is the band's fourth album and the sure thing is that it will make a big impact on the Progressive rock/metal scene. Their "Nine" release, in 2012, impressed me a lot with its clever mix of many elements of the progressive rock scene in general.

The theme on this new album is about moments and experiences in life that lead to love and hate. Metaphorically, it's about succumbing to fire and striving to cope with the aftermath of decisions when overshadowed by the love we have for others and ourselves.

For those who aren't familiar with the band's sound, Circus Maximus plays progressive rock/metal with strong emphasis on the big melodies, heavy and technically perfect guitar lines and a tight rhythm section. One of Circus Maximus strongest point is the lead singer; Michael Eriksen is one of today's best voices, in the rock scene in general, and with "Havoc" Eriksen proves that.

The new opus has all the package to satisfy even the most demanding fan of this particular scene. "The Weight" seems to be the perfect appetizer here. It's an epic progressive metal monster that will leave you breathless. It includes a superb melody, heavy, still melodic, guitars, amazing performances and strong arrangements. One of the best tracks that I've heard this year. "Highest Bitter" has an 'alternative' and darker vibe while in "Flames" the band delivers one more gem out of the new record. The pop-ish elements here make this tune a true highlight!!! You are gonna fall in love with the extremely melodic and catchy "Loved Ones" and you'll ride through Circus Maximus world with the excellent "Remember". Deluxe edition comes with a bonus live cd featuring the performance that the band held at the LOUD PARK Festival in Japan in October 2012.

"Havoc" is a great record all the way!! It's an album full of emotions, beautiful melodies, great arrangements that showing the talent of this band but most of all is an album that has GREAT SONGS, period!!!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
 The Weight; Highest Bitter; Havoc; Pages; Flames; Loved Ones; After The Fire; Remember; Chivalry; Loath* (bonus track deluxe version only).

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