Saturday, October 3, 2015

REVIEW : NOTHING LIES BEYOND / Fragile Reality (2015)

Nothing Lies Beyond is a melodic death metal act that hails from Tel Aviv, Israel and with "Fragile Reality" the band is ready to unleash a 30 plus minute long album full of in-your-face vocals, aggressive guitars, but with lots of melodies, and an 80's death metal vibe to hunt the whole record.

To be honest here, death metal is not my cup of tee but "Fragile Reality" achieved to pay my attention from the very first spin. In my humble opinion, the thing that impressed me the most here is the guitar work; the guitar duo of Guy Elberg and Elad Pakado generously offer some really interesting guitar lines that are 'heavy to the bone' with furious and aggressive riffs but, at the same, time they enrich their sound with inspired melodies. The sound overall is, also, filled with a 'modern' and fresh approach and makes the final result very attractive. They manage to 'put' every now and then some acoustic parts in many songs that are givin' an extra flavor. The rhythm section is tight and the vocal abilities of the lead singer, Ido Asa does not getting tired.

Bottom line is that Nothing Lies Beyond comes with a really interesting debut album that achieves to balance between the classic death metal sound of the 80's and todays modern melodic death metal scene. For the fans of this particular scene, "Fragile Reality" is a 'safe' buy, no doubt 'bout that! For the rest of the true metalheads, 'Fragile Reality' is an album that includes all the necessary aggressive riffs, solos, screams, attitude and melodies for your daily headbanging!!!!

Rating : 8/10

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