Sunday, August 9, 2015

REVIEW : To Die For / Cult (2015)

To be honest here, the band of TO DIE FOR is not a stranger to me but, also, it never happened to listen to something from its previous works. From the press release, I read that "Cult" is, already, the band's 7th official release!!!

From a search that I did about TO DIE FOR's bio, I learned that the story of TO/DIE/FOR began in the early 90’s, when three guys from Kouvola, Finland, formed a rock band called Mary-Ann. Mary-Ann released two self-financed CDs, the latter of which, „Deeper Sin“ EP, included songs that would eventually end up on the albums of TO/DIE/FOR. Later the band signed with Spinefarm Records, changed the name to To Die For, changed its style to a more Gothic/Dark vibe, released more albums and nowadays "Cult", the brand new effort, is a reality.

After the first spin of "Cult", one thing is clear in my mind/ears; "Cult" is about a well-crafted, well-composed record with plenty of melodies, a 'dark' melancholic vibe that causes you chills to the bone, excellent and 'deep' vocals and a tight as hell musicianship. The album kicks-off with the heavy tune of "In Black" that grabs you with its catchy chorus and continues perfectly with the 'dark', but extremely melodic Gothic anthem of "Screaming Birds" in which Jape Perätalo's vocals are simply breathtaking!!! "Mere Dreams" is probably the album's absolute highlight!! A slow, hypnotic ballad in which Jape Perätalo's performances are once again stunning!!! Other killer tracks are the faster "You" and the modern melodic gem of "Let It Bleed".

Excellent release from TO DIE FOR! No doubt 'bout that! Everything here is perfectly balanced from start to finish and finally makes "Cult" an interesting journey through the band's world! Higly recommended!

Rating : 9/10

1. In Black
2. Screaming Birds
3. Unknown III
4. Mere Dream
5. You
6. Straight Up
7. Let It Bleed
8. End Of Tears
9. Dying Embers
(Demo 2001)
(Digipak Bonus)

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