Friday, July 3, 2015

Giulio Garghentini - "So Beautiful" Official Videoclip

Music video by Giulio Garghentini performing "So Beautiful", from the album "Believe" out for Tanzan Music.

Taken from Giulio Garghentini’s album ‘Believe’, So Beautiful is a journey within the mind of an abandoned dog and is so a cry out to fight against this cruel and inhumanly practice.

The video was made in collaboration with the A.DI.CA. (association for the protection of abandoned dogs) based in Lodi and directed by Roberto Lena, nicknamed ‘Jena’ within the world of television best known for programs and documentaries which are animal related. He is also a renowned cameraman and international reporter.

This video also wants to stand out as a support against the abandoning and cruelty towards our four pawed friends, supporting A.DI.CA., a group of voluntaries who over many years have saved, healed, and found homes for many who were destined to the ‘Lager’ kennels.

A group of outstanding people who gladly give up their free time in the name of the cause.
If you can, please go visit and maybe find a little four pawed friend to take home. Even a small donation of any kind would be greatly appreciated says our ‘Giulio’.

Please note that Giulio will donate all of his personal income deriving from the album ‘Believe’ ordered via the Tanzan Music link: (by clicking on BUY THIS RECORD……) to A.DI.CA. up until July 20th .

Music video by Giulio Garghentini performing "So beautiful" from the album "Believe". (c) 2013 Tanzan Music Group

Giulio Garghentini: Lead Vocals
Mario Percudani: Guitars
Paolo "Apollo" Negri: Keyboards
Gianni Grecchi: Bass
Paolo Botteschi: Drums

Written by Giulio Garghentini

From the album "Believe" (Tanzan Music - 2013)
Produced and Arranged by Mario Percudani

Directed by Roberto Lena

Editing: Primiano Panunzio

Thank to all the wonderful administrative staff of the Town Hall of LODI for their collaboration

Roberta Vignoli Pres. Canile Rifugio A.DI.CA. Onlus (LODI)

We also thank all of the volunteers A.DI.CA. Onlus (Canine welfare association for abandoned dogs, LODI)

Watch the NEW videoclip here:

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