Saturday, June 13, 2015

REVIEW : DIMINO / Old Habits Die Hard (2015)

Frank Dimino is no other than the lead shouter of the legendary band of ANGEL that had a major success back in the 70's. With Angel, Dimino released 5 critically acclaimed studio and one live album in the second half of the 70’s. After the band’s demise, Dimino went on to work with UFO’s Paul Raymond and worked as singer for Soundtracks, scoring a Platinum album for the inclusion of his Cycle V song “Seduce Me Tonight” on the “Flashdance” soundtrack.

In his brand new studio album, "Old Habits Die Hard", Dimino collaborates with some well-known musicians such as Oz Fox (STRYPER), Eddie Ojeda (TWISTED SISTER), Rickey Medlocke (BLACKFOOT, LYNYRD SKYNYRD), Jeff Labansky, and former ANGEL bandmates  Punky Meadows (on guitar) and Barry Brandt (co-writing with Frank the song” Even Now”) and at the end achieve to release a solid record that will please all the fans of ANGEL but, also, thosse of the melodic hard rock scene in general.

The whole album features a very 70's, early 80's sound with very good riffs n' solos, up-tempo rhythms and, of course,  powerful performances by the voice of ANGEL, Mr. Dimino. The opening tune of "Never Again" is the greatest sample of what I mentioned above; a catchy and in-your-face rocker with a strong hook and chorus that makes wanna turn the volume on maximum! "Rocking In The City", "Mad As Hell" and "Tonight's The Night" are all three fast-pace rockers with a strong party vibe in it and are they all some of the highlights out of the new record. Of course there are some slower moments here like the very good "Even Now" or "Stones By The River" that showing the emotional side of the artist.

Extremely interesting album by Dimino. Well-crafted, well-composed and well-performed and to be honest there is no filler in sight here. For all the lovers of the 70's, early 80's, hard rock sound this album is a must have.
Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
01. Never Again
02. Rockin' In The City
03. I Can't Stop Loving You
04. The Rain's About To Fall
05. Even Now
06. Tears Will Fall
07. Mad As Hell
08. Sweet Sensation
09. Tonight's The Night
10. The Quest
11. Stones By The River

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