Thursday, February 26, 2015

REVIEW : T.H.L. / Thirteenth Hell Level (2015)

T.H.L. (Thirteenth Hell Level) is an Italian female-fronted rock/classic hard rock band, that was formed in 2010, and "Thirteenth Hell Level" is its debut album. The name T.H.L. (Thirteenth Hell Level), a sort of provocation, sums up all the topics faced in the lyrics of each song: war (“War”), modern society (“Sociopathic”), drugs (“Erythroxylum”), the road to death (“Long way To Redemption”), rape (Forget) and life seen as something opposite to “The Bad”.

The band has played in several gigs in Italy, participated in the TV show “ Music on the Road”, broadcasted by Sky, and after several line-up changes they are ready to introduce us their first effort. In "Thirteenth Hell Level", T.H.L. plays classic hard rock with attitude, an 80's rock feeling and very good riffs.

The album kicks-off with the heavier "Master Dominio" and T.H.L. makes clear that every single member in the band loves the 80's classic hard rock sound. A tight rhythm, a heavy riff and solid arrangements in this very good opener. Next, we have a cover of Steppenwolf's big hit "Born To Be Wild". A good cover while the band covers another classic rock tune with Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Woman". I think that both tracks must be T.H.L.'s favorite live tracks and, of course, both bands must be their main influences !! Other highlights from this album are the fantastic bluesier "Long Way Redemption", "War" and the 'moodier' "Somewhere".

A really nice rock album from T.H.L., no doubt 'bout that. They stick to their influences (70's/late 80's) and they achieve to release a very interesting effort that includes a bunch of excellent tracks in it.

Rating : 7,7/10

Track Listing :
1. Master Domino
2. Born To Be Wild
3. Really Cruel
4. Honky Tonk Woman
5. Erythroxylum
6. Longway To Redemption
7. War
8. Somewhere
9. Forget
10. Sociopathic

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