Sunday, February 8, 2015


TALON was born from the ashes of VOXEN and slowly began to envision a new beginning which was not long in coming. In 2002, they released their self-titled debut that combined the American sound of the 80's hard rock sound with a more updated approach. The sequel, which was a bit late, came with the solid "Fallen Angels"(With a closer vibe to an AOR feel, New York native Chandler Mogel was brought on board) in 2008 and continued with the "Fire In Your Soul" in 2010, which signaled the arrival of a new singer Michael O'Mara.

Nowadays, Talon is back with the brand new "FourPlay ". In this new attempt,  the band had the great pleasure to have contributions from some amazing friends and guitarists involved in the release. First off, top session guitarist extraordinaire Tim Pierce (Bonjovi, Ozzy, Santana, Elton John, etc.) provides Lead Guitar on 2 tracks and Pete Fry (FarCry, Rockarma) provides Lead Guitar on another track!

The sound in "Fourplay" is quite rough, referring to their debut but also in bands such as early  Dokken, XYZ and Winger. Just check out the incredible and very 80's "Sin City Sister" that certainly is among the top songs of this album. "Holly Would" contains a catchy chorus line while the highlight here is without no doubt "Set Me Free". Really impressive track that lacks of a weak production. By the way, this is a true hard rock anthem! I have to add here that the production of "Fourplay" 'spoiled' a bit the whole result but the quality of the songs achieve to balance things. Other killer tracks are "Love Is Like A Drug To Me" and "Raise Em'High".

Surely "FourPlay" is the best work of Talon so far!! Powerful, melodic with strong orchestrations and some excellent guitar parts Talon declare thunderous presence !!!!

Rating : 8,6 / 10

Track Listing :
Spun / Sin City Sister / Holly Would / Set Me Free / Tonight / It's A Fine Line Between Love And Lust / Evil / I Don't Wanna Cry / Love Is Like A Drug To Me / Raise 'Em High / Hole In My Head / There Ain't Nothin' In The World Like A Rockin' Band 

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