Saturday, February 28, 2015

REVIEW : Reach / Reach Out To Rock (2015)

It looks like Sweden's melodic hard 'n' heavy scene is an endless source of talented bands/musicians. The latest big thing is called REACH and "Reach Out To Rock" is the debut album that comes to shake things for good. The band's cover of Avicii’s super hit ”Wake me up” in August 2013, achieved to become a huge success and about one year later the video has over 1.000.000 views AND still counting.

The band released in early 2014 the single “Black Lady to show their song writing abilities and proved that they were not just a cover band. In December 2014, came the deal with Sun Hill Production and they released the first single, “You Called My Name”, from the forthcoming album “Reach Out To Rock”.

Their music can be described as classic hard rock with strong emphasis on the big melodies, the catchy hooks 'n choruses, the very good riffs and solos and the late 80's heavy rock feeling. Singer Alex Waghorn has a rough and, at the same time, very smooth voice that fits perfectly with Reach's sound. The opening tune of "You Called My Name" is just brilliant and classic heavy rock stuff. It's one of those tracks that you expect to hear from a Swedish band; it's powerful, it has attitude, it includes a sharp riff and when it comes to the chorus line it explodes like a dynamite!! "Fortune And Fame" and "We Are" are both good and heavier rockers while in "Tell Me" we are dealing with another killer and extremely melodic track!!  Check out, also, the groovier "Looking For Love" and the Scorpions-esque "Someone Like You".

For sure, "Reach Out To Rock" is an overall solid release that includes a bunch of impressive tracks, attitude, powerful performances and very good guitar work. All of the songs are well-written, well-performed and the future looks bright for this great band!!
Rating 8,5/10

Track listing :
1. You Called My Name
2. Fortune & Fame
3. Tell Me
4. We Are
5. Someone Like You
6. The Beast
7. Make Me Believe
8. Reach Out
9. Looking For Love
10. Coming Home

Mixed by sound maestro Pontus Norgren from Hammerfall, Poodles.
Recorded & produced by Erik Modin & Johannes Hennoks. 

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