Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CRIMSON REIGN - "The Calling" debut cd re-release

Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Crimson Reign is the brainchild of Titus Medina. Although Titus was new on the scene, as he had just moved to Phoenix from his home state of Colorado, it didn't take long before he could find himself at home within the local music scene and team up with some of the most talented local performers.
Crimson Reign's early line up was established in 2002, and after a few changes and adjustment eventually the band settled with Titus on lead guitar, James Eden on drums, Darren Tuchawena on bass, Steve Estrada on rhythm guitar and Donovan Bosworth on vocal duties.

The band set out to perform extensively throughout the local scene; performing for any venue, stage or contest who would have them; from battle of the bands to small club gigs. Live show after live show helped the band find their true identity and cohesion, which resulted in their growing popularity and in the increasing demand for a full-length debut album. The band decided to fully focus on their recording and song-writing process in 2005, and before long, the group had something amazing to look forward to. Produced by Titus Medina and James Eden, the recording process was not as easy as Crimson Reign would expect. Artistic differences and personal issues led Steve Estrada and Darren Tuchawena to leave the band.

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