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"NxN" is entitled Night By Night's newest effort. NIGHT BY NIGHT, who feature  Ben Christo (SISTERS OF MERCY guitarist) in their ranks also features Henry Rundell on lead vocals (ex Voodoo Six), Tom Daniel on guitars, Jonny Thornton on bass, vocals and Damien Diablo on drums. "NxN" was produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Motörhead, Bullet For My Valentine, Sylosis) at Outhouse studios, engineered by Rob Thomas, lead vocals produced & engineered by Ben Christo & Henry Rundell and mixed by John Mitchell (Alter Bridge, Asia, Snakecharmer) at Outhouse studios.

Night By Night plays modern hard rock stuff with emphasis on big melodies n' harmonies, memorable chorus lines, and big guitar lines! They, also, achieve to mix the old with the new in such a great way and at the end they manage to sound so fresh and unique!

And as Rick Savage(Def Leppard) stated : "Night by Night are without doubt one of the best young bands out there today. Real songs with great riffs and vocal harmonies. Packing the best of the 80's with a youthful, fresh enthusiasm"

"Time To Escape", the opener, is in my humble opinion the best sample of what this band is capable of when it comes to a big and in-your-face rocker with a such a stunning chorus line! "Holding Onto Holding On" is yet another extremely catchy and melodic modern hard rock stuff at its best! The chorus, the harmonies, the guitars and the vocal lines are all perfect! Great stuff! Next, "Can't Walk Away" is just what the doctor ordered; brilliant from start to finish with an 80's vibe and a chorus line to sing-a-long for days!! And after three storming tracks comes the first ballad of the album. "Everywhere Tonight" could easily appeared in any of Def Leppard's or Harem Scarem's latest works. Man, this song is pure heaven! "Siren" adds more muscle here while it is considered the album's heavier song. Then comes another highlight with the amazing "Thousand Lies" that includes an ass-kickin' chorus line and a huge harmony! "It's Not Faith", "If Only" and "Never Die Again" are all three great, up-beat rockers. So energetic with strong melodies and some really great guitar work.

Classy, high quality modern hard rock stuff with a crunchy and polished sound, superb perforances and some really inspired guitar lines "NxN" comes to rock our world for good and prove that this scene has a bright future! Already a classic in my book! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 10/10

Track Listing:
01. Time To Escape 02. Holding Onto Holding On 03. Can‘t Walk Away 04. Everywhere Tonight 05. Siren 06. A Thousand Lies 07. It‘s Not Faith 08. The Moment 09. If Only 10. Never Die Again

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