Friday, June 6, 2014

KHAOS / After The Silence - (single), (2014)

After the band's debut EP ‘Rising’ appeared in late 2012, Khaøs are now ready to release a brand new single entitled ‘After The Silence’ which will be released on July 14th 2014 and it is the first single from the forthcoming full-length album ‘Risen’.

The band consists of Chandler Mogel (Vocals), Mark Rossi (Guitars), N I c Angileri (Bass) and Trevor Franklin (Drums). ’After The SilenceIt’s about finding one’s self in a war-torn world and bonding together with like-minded people in order to start a peaceful revolution.

The song here is a simply awesome sample of pure melodic hard rock stuff with a hunting melody that will stuck in your mind for days. Chandler Mogel's vocal lines are emotional but yet powerful and the chorus line is catchy and memorable. The melody is beautiful and the harmonic parts awesome but there is, also, a 'darker' vibe all over the song that makes it so damn special. The guitar work is another strong point of KHAOS  as the variety of tempos is givin' the extra flavor.

A really superb piece of melodic hard rock stuff at its best! There is nothing more to add here except that "After The Silence" left me hungry for more; can't wait for KHAOS full-length release later this year!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

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