Saturday, May 24, 2014

Romero Enters Studio to Record New Single

Inside of a nondescript brick building in Madison, WI, something heavy is-a-brewing.  The four members of Romero have entered DNA Music Labs to record a new single.  This is the first song to be recorded with new band members, Patrick Hotlen and Tim Consequence.

Taking the helm, once again, is producer Mark Whitcomb.  This is the third time the band has worked with Whitcomb; most recently on Romero's Take The Potion LP.  "We will work with Mark as long as he is willing to put up with us.", says Romero guitarist / vocalist, Jeffrey Mundt.  "Mark is a wizard and I am amazed at what he can pull out of stoned-out degenerates like us." (laughs) "Seriously, though...the mixes are making me pretty emotional.  We have all been through a lot in the past year and I definitely see this song as a celebration of making it through to a place where we can maybe breathe a little easier."

Also for the first time, the band was able to explore some spontaneity, especially with the vocals. "I was nervous when I started vocals because the lyrics for the second verse felt completely wrong." remembers, drummer / vocalist, Ben Brooks. "I sat down for 5 minutes, walked back in and recorded a brand new part in one take.  It feels really good."

While in the studio the band has been using a variety of equipment to make even the most discriminating gear enthusiast drool.  Part of the guitars were tracked, once again, using an early 1970s Marshall Super Bass 100 amplifier on loan from Guitar Shop Of Wisconsin.  The vintage Marshall JCM 800 head used for the bulk of the guitars was mic'd with a Royer 121 microphone coupled with a Chandler TG2 preamp modeled after the famous EMI console at Abbey Road Studios in England.  Most notably, as one of the studios who now owns gear from the former Smart Studios, DNA was able to provide a Violet Flamingo microphone for the session that was once on loan to Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme for recording Them Crooked Vultures with John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl.

Romero has yet to announce a release date for the song.  The band posted a short behind-the-scenes video on their Facebook page late Wednesday night.

DNA Music Labs is a multi-media production company and recording studio in Madison, WI.  They provide provide music production, audio recording, sound design and web-media services to a diverse client base including recording artists, technology and media companies, independent producers, and non-profit organizations.

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