Friday, May 23, 2014

OUTLOUD / Let’s Get Serious (2014)

Album number three for these melodic hard 'n' heavy rockers and, in my humble opinion, this is probably their best release to date! With their debut, Outloud delivered a solid melodic hard rock effort with a metallic edge and some incredible catchy songs. Their second step was a more straight forward and more mature opus and nowadays with "Let's Get Serious" the things with this band are more serious than ever!

"Let's Get Serious" kicks-off with the brilliant and heavy anthem of "Death Rock". Powerful with attitude and some killer riffs make this one the perfect appetizer of what's coming-up next! "I Was So Blind" is simply breathtaking; melodic as it gets with a heavenly influenced melody and a chorus line to sing-a-long for days! "One More Time" is so catchy and it has this so sweet 80's vibe that grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more. Another highlight is the melodic gem of "Bury The Knife" that includes a breathtaking solo! Awesome stuff!

Next, we have the AOR-ish delightful "Like A Dream" while in "It Really Doesn't Matter" we are dealing with a cool mid-tempo. "A While To Go" is a huge guitar driven fast-tempo rocker build in an ol' fashion way and with the first notes of "All In Vain" someone understands that it's about a big arena rocker that takes no prisoners!!! There are, also, the key-driven and extremely melodic tune of "Another Kind Of Angel", the speedy and so technical  "Let's Get Serious", the ultra-heavy and a bit modern heavy "Toy Soldier", that features no other by the incredible talented Mike Orlando as guest, and the great cover of the classic "Enola Gay".

As I already mentioned above, this is OUTLOUD's best work to date! Period! Powerful with plenty of melodies to die for, songs to sing-a-long for weeks, amazing and inspired riffs and solos, a tight as hell musicianship, a tight production and great songs that reveal the glory 80's, early 90's with a fresh and updated sound. For every melodic heavy rock fan out there, this album is a big must have! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 10/10

Track Listing:
01 - Death Rock
02 - I Was So Blind
03 - One More Time
04 - Bury The Knife
05 - Like A Dream
06 - It Really Doesn't Matter
07 - A While To Go
08 - All In Vain
09 - Another Kind Of Angel
10 - Let's Get Serious
11 - Toy Soldiers
12 - Enola Gay

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  1. No way this is better than H.e.a.t's Tearing Down the Walls...