Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LANEY'S LEGION / Laney's Legion (2014)

I was expecting this one so anxiously and to be real honest with you I had high expectations from Laney's Legion debut album. After the first spin, all my expectations were full-filled; this is about an ass-kicking record made in an old-fashion way and it includes every little damn thing that we all love and wanna hear from this music!

Big and and catchy choruses to sing-a-long for days, sweet harmonies and solid arrangements, an attitude that even Shotgun Messiah or Motley Crue would envy about, powerful performances, a tight as hell musicianship and some really inspired guitar solos from one of all time guitar heros Rob Marcello (Danger Danger). The other members of the band, except Chris Laney and Rob Marcello, are Mats Vassfjord (Grand Design, Impera) and Patrik Jansson (Helsingland Underground).

The album kicks-off with the heavy tune of "On And On". A heavy in-your-face riff, powerful vocal lines by Laney and an explosive almost Def Leppard-ish chorus line that will bang some heads!! Impressive start!! Next, "Taste Of Your Tongue", the first single, sounds so fresh but with an 80's sleaze hard rock vibe in it that, the first time that I've heard it, it blew me away! The chorus line here gonna make you whistling it for days!! Second single, "Poptastic" it's pure melodic pop metal at its best! It's a fun party rock 'n' roller that is going to make you shake and tumble with its sexy rhythm and, again, with its ultra catchy chorus. "Beneath The Surface" it's a more modern rocker while in "Bleed Within" we have the first ballad of the album and, of course, another highlight!! Man, I just can't stop listen to this track. It features a really huge harmony, a sweet melody and a Def Leppard feeling in it! "Let's Get It On" and the boys are delivering a great up-tempo rocking tune. "Hollow" and "Lady Luck" are both delicioustatic!!!!!! Both have the Shotgun Messiah's magic in it, memorable hooks and choruses to die for and very good guitar work!
"Assassin Of Our Love" is another killer song from this debut. It's pure Chris Laney and it's among my favorites from this new record. "No One Can Stop Us Now" is a brilliant hard rocker while in "Legion", the last song, the boys are movin' to some heavier paths.

Bottom line is that Laney's Legion debut album is a hard rock dynamite that is ready to shake the hard 'n' heavy world for good! It's a ride back to the glorious 80's, early 90's, days of hard rock with a big and powerful sound but, also, with an updated and fresh sound. So energetic, so catchy, so big, so loud and so commercial that will put a big smile upon the face of every hard rock fan out there! Buy it, steal it at any cost!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 10/10

Track Listing :
01 - On and On
02 - Taste of Your Tongue
03 - Poptastic
04 - Beneath the Surface
05 - Bleed Within
06 - Let's Get It On
07 - Hollow
08 - Lady Luck
09 - Assassin of Our Love
10 - No One Can Stop Us

11 - Legion 

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