Thursday, April 3, 2014

CONFESS / Jail (2014)

Remember the name of these Swedes! Confess is a new sleaze hard rock band from Sweden that is here to stay and it's ready to make some noise with its old fashioned school sleaze hard rock that is full of big and loud guitars, powerful and in-your-face vocal lines a tight as hell musicianship and a bunch of some really ass-kickin' songs!

When it comes to the glory 80's Sunstrip scene and bands such as Shotgun Messiah, Skid Row, Motley Crue then CONFESS is your band! Yes, this five-piece rockers are mixing perfectly the old sleaze hard rock with the new era of the so-called New Wave Of Swedish Heavy Metal and the result will blow you away! Imagine the attitude of Crashdiet, the melodic side of Crazy Lixx with a strong dose of the 80's, early 90's scene and there you have CONFESS!

"Relationshit" that kicks-off the party here is simply killer stuff! Ass-kickin' rock 'n' roll with lots of attitude, in-your-face performances, heavy riffs and a chorus line to sing-a-long for dayz! Just what the doctor have ordered for every sleaze rocker out there! "Scream" brings back the spirit of Shotgun Messiah and Nasty Idols with its more commercial side while in "Take Aim" the band delivering a great power ballad!! "Back To Hell" is one of the album's highlights! Up-tempo with a hook and chorus that takes no prisoners and a 'modern' heavy rock vibe in it this tune will blow you away!! "Get Me Down" is yet another 80's influenced song and of course another killer track! The album closes with a fantastic cover of Tina Turner's classic "What's Love Got To Do With It". These guys took a classic song and achieve to make it their own!! Awesome!!!

Closing my review, I have to say that I'm thrilled about CONFESS's debut release! One of the biggest surprises so far, there is no doubt about that! These guys can be the next big thing; they have talent, the have the right attitude, the songs and everything to make the world of sleaze heavy rock scene to talk about them!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
 01. Pray for the Prey
02. Relationshit
03. Scream
04. Pay Before I Go
05. Take Aim
06. Bloodstained Highway
07. Setting Sails
08. Back to Hell
09. Got Lucky
10. Cardiac Arrest
11. Get Me Down
12. Intervention (Sin & Tonic, Pt. 2)
13. What's Love Got to Do with It 

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