Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NEW CATHEDRAL / Ghost (2014)

New Cathedral started to play as a band in November 2012. Their debut album was released at the same year and was entitled "Haunted". After the release of their debut effort, New Cathedral began to play live in some various concerts and shared the stage with names such as The Dangerous Summer, From Indian Lakes, Talhart, and He Is Legend.

In February 2013, they released a single called "No Saints or Angels" and they immediately went to the studio to write some new stuff. They wanted to explore a darker, heavier, but more melodic/catchy sound and the result of all the above is the new record which is called "Ghost". The band consists of Scott Perez (Guitar/Vocals), Ricky Stephens (Guitar), Chris Perez (Drums) and Ryan Kersey (Bass).

The band's sound can be described as modern rock with a strong alternative pinch but, also, a heavier 'touch' with overall good guitar riffs and solos, powerful and at the same time emotional vocal lines. Most of the songs have a 'dark' vibe but without loosing the melody and at the end leaves you with a sweet taste! The song 'Wolves' is one of the most impressive moments here and includes a very nice melody, a 'crunchy' guitar sound, a solid rhythm and the one thing that impress me the most here is the variety of the tempo. "Emerald Eyes" is a good modern rocker while "Stay" is another killer tune from the new record.

All in all, this is a very good record all the way! Good ideas, a tight musicianship and some really solid songwriting! Ok, this may be not my daily cup of tee but for sure it is an alternate proposition for an evening with good friends and a couple of cold beers! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

1) Holy Ghost
2) Emerald Eyes
3) Stealing Mirrors
4) Stay

5) Gold
6) Wolves
7) I Won’t Come Around pt. II

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