Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Gotthard album “Bang!” will be released on April 4.

The year starts with a Big Bang! Rock fans can rejoice, because Gotthard will release the new album with the title “Bang!” In addition to Musikvertrieb in Switzerland, for the first time, we have Pias (the rest of the world) and Marquee Inc (Japan) as new distribution partners on board.
Musically, we can be pleased to have 100% Gotthard, since Leo Leoni and Charlie Bauerfeind are the production team for earthy hard rock, pure Gotthard spirit and wonderful rock melodies melding together.

“BANG!” began like its predecessor “Firebirth” - (number 1 in the Swiss charts, number 9 in the German) – in the band's own Yellow House Studios in Lugano in autumn/winter 2013. It reproduces the earlier Gotthard times and transports them into 2014.

Mix engineer Ronald Prent is responsible for the topical and appropriate polish, as he mixed the new album. The Dutchman, who is at home in the famous Wisseloord Studios, has already presented his expertise in the albums “Lipservice” and “Domino Effect”“We got to know him as unbelievably competent and tasteful”, said Leo Leoni. “You can see that he loves rock music and knows how to present the sound. He understood then straight away what we wanted and how we should sound. This time, he has shown us his expertise again.” No wonder, after all Prent has worked in the studio with bands such as the Scorpions, 3 Doors Down, Def Leppard and Within Temptation.

For singer Nic Maeder“Bang!” is not only his second album with Gotthard, but also the convincing proof that he belongs in the band, that he has become one of them and his voice and his qualities as a songwriter are indispensable.
The fans and collectors are not the only ones to be happy: Apart from a standard jewel case, the album will be presented in a classy digipack version, with 2 bonus tracks and also on vinyl.

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