Thursday, January 16, 2014

Claudio Deoricibus , outgoing Mariam De Chocolate

Claudio Deoricibus known guitarist tricolor , is working on a new single titled MARIAM DE CHOCOLATE , a song that tells of a true story.

The song recounts the landing of a black girl landed from Libya to Italy after the war. He was born a great friendship with an Italian ,in which he describes his experience living like so many others on
their arrival in Lampedusa , which will then be used in various Italian cities. Moved to Cagliari , find the support of an association that will help you to study for an entry into the world of work.

The story of his arrival is very touching. The girl's cold, is not well, he is afraid and crying all the way . He no longer saw the mother nor the father . From this story comes the new single Deoricibus , supported by a local production consists of two producers : Willy Cuccu , a director at the recording studio Sonusville where you are making the product and the director of the Paul Cabriolu MusicArtservice ,the main technical support in support of the most important concerts of Sardinia. On this occasion, will be the same Claudio Deoricibus to sing the song that sums contentuti POP , RAGGAE, JAZZ, AFRO FLAMENCO and will be played live and sung entirely in Spanish. The release of the single , is scheduled for February 15 .

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