Sunday, July 7, 2013


FARRADAY is a new melodic rock band that has its roots in Athens, Greece. So after the amazing Wild Rose still comes yet another new hot name that will shake for good the European melodic rock scene! The mastermind behind FARRADAY is the guitarist / composer / keyboardist and vocalist Roy Da Vis and Stathis Spiliotopoulos who is responsible for the production of the album as well as for the drum work.

So after many years in various projects, bands, EP'S and generally after many years in the Greek melodic scene, they both decided that was the right time to share their common dreams and make their next step and finally to create FARRADAY.

The duration of the recordings lasted about six months and the result of all their labors is expressed with their debut which is entitled "Shade Of Love". Ten fresh, well-crafted and extremely melodic songs that evoke other times when AOR & melodic rock was a way of life and expression, come to liven up our memories and remind us why we love this kind of music so much. With the opening tune of "One Way Ticket To Hollywood" you will be hit by an amazing melody and an incredible catchy chorus line that you are going to sing-a-long for days! In "Shade Of Love" the keys take the lead role while in "Tonight" the guys put more attitude to create one of the year's best hard rock songs.

Concluding my review, what I have to say is that FARRADAY earn the impressions with their first essay. Definitely, they do not discover something new and can not be classified as original! They are walkin' on the safe paths of the classic AOR sound without being boring. The sure thing is that every single track here is well-composed, well-crafted with beautiful melodies, very good performances and the final result will put a big smile upon the face of every fan of this scene. They have plenty of talent and they are aiming at some bigger things in the near future! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
01. One Way Ticket To Hollywood
02. Rock U (The Old Fashion Way)
03. Shade Of Love
04. Can’t Get Enough
05. Breakin’ Down
06. Tonight
07. Can’t Wait On Love
08. Out Of Nowhere
09. There For You
10. When Passion Burns

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